Stone RoboCut 3D by Ronchini Massimo srl.

Stone processing requires special tools and approaches. Since stone is a hard material, one mistake can lead to serious problems, like the destruction of the workpiece. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the processing of such materials, especially if they are as large as in this project from Ronchini Massimo srl
Just look at these dimensions.

» 14.000 kg di marmo fresato con RM-RoboCut3D Stone, la tradizionale lavorazione del marmo incontra tecnologie CNC.Dal prestigioso marmo di Carrara all’opera finita a Dubai – è stata realizzata una zampa di leone per una statua di 13 metri, fatta di acciaio e marmo.

14,000 kg of marble milled with RM-RoboCut3D Stone, where traditional marble processing meets CNC technology.

From the prestigious marble of Carrara to the finished work in Dubai — a lion’s foot, for a 13-meter statue made of steel and marble, was created.»

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